Edit Log

I rarely update this notes-hosting website, and almost as a joke, started logging the rare changes I would make. I’ve recorded them here for posterity:

    • 26/08/13 – Made the ads a little less terrible! Hooray!
    • 30/05/14 – Made the notes index for easier viewing.
    • 11/03/16 – Forgot to renew my domain, GoDaddy munched it up. Bought another domain.
    • 05/07/16 – Converted everything to .pdf because, let’s be honest, it was about time.
    • 16/03/18 – Yes, I am still regularly updating this. I’ve ported over to WordPress (instead of my terrible HTML “hard-coding”) – again, about time. The mobile accessibility should improve by about 10,000%. Also replaced the similarly terrible AdSense blocks with some Google machine-learning voodoo. Don’t ask.

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