About Ahmad

Hello! I’m Ahmad. I did my HSC in 2005, 2006 and 2007 at MFIS, back in its pre-scandal days. I went on to study Actuarial Studies & Finance at UNSW as a Scientia Scholar.

I dropped out of uni after about 2 years because I wasn’t really feeling it / it was making me kind of depressed. I decided to go travelling for a year, living all over the world – great fun actually, much better than depression.

I came back to Sydney in 2010 and took up an Engineering degree. I like to make stuff, and am pretty nerdy – quite a good fit.

At the present moment I am pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Engineering at University College London as a 2018 General Sir John Monash Scholar. I design and test brain implants for epilepsy. There’s more information at that link if you are interested in my work (and there’s always LinkedIn).