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  1. hey, i used your notes, thankyou, i’m curious to what has happened to you since school and what you’ve done since, you had no info under the about ahmad

  2. Hi Ahmad, your old website when typed into the browser is being directed to this page?

    You could place a back order for it on netregistry, and maybe contact them regarding the .com version of it and see if they can do anything for you. The .com.au version is available for purchase there too.

    Did you leave it without renewal? Maybe a corporate company has bought it in the hopes of trying to resell it, to make a profit. You somehow have to find who has purchased it and for some reason continue to renew it! The back order might be a waste of money if someone is continuously renewing it.

    1. Hi Abdul, – yes you are right! It does redirect here. A friend of mine managed to help me regain access to the domain when it expired from somewhere else – I was so happy! I had previously put a back-order on it that did nothing, it was totally a waste of money.

      But all in all it is fine now, I am just parking it for a redirect. Thanks for the advice.

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