Site History

I finished writing my biology notes in 2006, and chemistry notes in 2007. Sometimes people ask me why I wrote them; for me, writing the notes was the way I studied. I do believe in that old (oft-misattributed) saying: If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

I initially just uploaded them to BoS, as an act of charity I suppose for future generations, but then the site was hacked and people could for some reason no longer access them. I started the site back in maybe 2011-12, and it’s been up ever since, initially on the old domain, and now this one.

The notes have spread like wildfire over the years, and I’m very proud and happy to have helped a lot of people.

Edit Log

I rarely update this notes-hosting website, and almost as a joke, started logging the rare changes I would make. I’ve recorded them here for posterity:

    • 26/08/13 – Made the ads a little less terrible! Hooray!
    • 30/05/14 – Made the notes index for easier viewing.
    • 11/03/16 – Forgot to renew my domain, GoDaddy munched it up. Bought another domain.
    • 05/07/16 – Converted everything to .pdf because, let’s be honest, it was about time.
    • 16/03/18 – Yes, I am still regularly updating this. I’ve ported over to WordPress (instead of my terrible HTML “hard-coding”) – again, about time. The mobile accessibility should improve by about 10,000%. Also replaced the similarly terrible AdSense blocks with some Google machine-learning voodoo. Don’t ask.